Reign of the Corrupt

Clearing out the Temple

After a day of working on removing the rubble from the entrance to the tomb, the party opted to go back to the temple. When sleeping for the evening, they were woken to someone tapping holes in the door to the tomb. Kiara and Felden’s party were looking to enter the tomb, and decided to head over to the temple after seeing the work on the blocked entrance and talking with the party members.

The next morning, the party headed over to the temple and went directly downstairs. There they encountered sorcerers and demon minions from the covenant. The party worked their way up corridor and were able to defeat them after cornering the last sorcerer in the back room. After that they searched the side room and found 10 putrefying corpses. They were undergoing a ritual to become black skeletons. After much debate, Eleak Urthandar valiantly torched the coffins. One party member was blinded from the fight, so they decided to use a mount scroll and head to town for a cure and supplies. After that, they continued into the puzzle room they discovered a couple days before. There they toyed around with the switches and summoned demons before discovering the appropriate order, which ultimately summoned a babau demon. As a result of solving the puzzle, the cold iron double doors are open.

It is now evening on the 21st day.

Entrance to the Tomb and the Ghoul Army

After talking to the orcs, they decided to leave them in their cells. With broken spirits, the orcs didn’t complain. Searching the room where the orcs said the men in gray robes were taking them, they found numerous skulls, rags, and a well with hook instead of a bucket.

The party then continued further into the temple and released a female adventurer from her incarceration. She tricked the party and took control of Cael in a bid to encourage the party to leave the temple. After leaving the temple, they discovered the entrance to the tomb. Over the top of the tomb was the name Dunraven spelled out in the language of giants. A dead adventurer was lying in the door way to the tomb. The adventurer died from a fatal encounter with a giant undead spider known as a Deathweb. The party encountered the same party and managed to lure it outside of its den. They were able to kill the spider without any casualties. After searching the entrance to the tomb, they found that the main hallway leading into the tomb had caved in.

So, they went to look for other ways in and encountered a ghoul army. From a position behind 30 feet or so of fallen debris and rubble, they took on the army of undead. The undead near the opening in the collapsed cavern were dispatched. However, looking further beyond the collapsed cavern they noticed a graveknight commanding several ghouls. The party decided to fallback to the entrance of the tomb. There they set to work on removing the debris from the hallways and creating supports from the damaged furniture in the adjoining room. Lacking decent gear for the task, the operation is slow and arduous. They are now running out of furniture for supports with no discernible end to the debris removal, bringing the team to a crossroads. Face the undead army, re-enter the temple, or find more material for supports, and all this with no idea on the progress of the second mercenary group.

It is now afternoon on the 20th day.

Sunken Caves and the Dark Covenant

After three days of searching the party found a cave hidden down in a ravine. South of the ravine, the party encountered a campsite in front of another cave. Sindarielle turned invisible and stealthily maneuvered around the campsite investigating it, while the rest of the party talked with the guards. They discovered that Kiara Rews and Felden have likely acquired a witch and rogue to help them complete their mission, and they have had a day to search the area already.

The party decided to sneak into the cave that night. After awaking the entire camp with a summoned dog, they covered themselves in an obscuring mist and entered the cave right in front of the guards. The guards frightened by what they saw decided not to pursue the strange mist.

Once inside, the party searched the area briefly and found a suitable area to set up camp. They woke early the next morning, and set out to find the tomb. After much searching, they stumbled into a ghoul that was soaking wet. The ghoul was dispatched with much haste, and the party made their way back to the underground stream. Once at the underground stream, they carefully investigated it by send a tethered party member up and down the stream until they encountered a couple of ghouls and tight passageway through some broken up debris. The party cleverly lured the ghouls out of the water in order to avoid a dangerous fight underwater.

The party then made their way through the underground stream and climbed up the debris into a large man-made cavern. In one direction, there was a passage that was completely blocked by rubble that likely led out of the mountains at one point. In the other direction, the cavern was about 60 feet wide and continued for 100 feet before they found an opening in cavern wall that was destroyed by the earthquake. Through the opening was a temple that appears to be currently used by the Dark Covenant, particularly those that worship Glustrod. This was particularly evident when they encountered a shrine with a statue of Glustrod himself. Laid at his feet were gifts of gold, jewelry, gems, magical items, and symbols made of living tissue. Eleak recognized the eerie figure depicted upon the ceiling. The party thought it best to leave the treasure laid by the followers of Glustrod. Perhaps they too harbor longings to honor Glustrod?

The party came upon a small room that looked to be in use by a priest of the Dark Covenant. A strange medallion was uncovered, but its origins were not known to the couple of members that looked at it. The party left it behind. After destroying the contents of the storeroom, the party encountered a couple of unusual black skeletons. A brief encounter ensued and the party seized control of a torture chamber with small individual cells. Three of the cells were occupied with orcs. The orcs looked like the same species of orc encountered earlier when traversing the passage through the Blackhorn Mountains. The orcs mentioned that humanoids in gray robes had captured them and brought them here.

It is now roughly early afternoon on the 19th day of Desnus.

Adventures In Dunraven

After leaving the Blackhorn Mountains, the party followed a rough trail to the town of Dunraven. They noticed that three ravens were watching them as they made their way through the town. It was already late evening when they reached the Feisty Friar. There they got a large suite for the evening. During the course of the evening, the party met another crew from Osgard here in Dunraven on a mission. The members of the other crew included Kiara Rews, Hurrin Stormbringer, Delvin Stonedragon, and Felden Craw.

Xandian talked with the innkeeper about the ghouls and the historian that passed through town. The innkeeper mentioned that an occasional ghoul or two is found wandering south of town. They haven’t presented too much trouble yet. He figured that the earthquake that happened several months ago must have opened up some area that has allowed them to get loose. He mentioned that the historian talked about how shortly after entombing Aldous Dunraven in the mountains, they sealed up the area surrounding his tomb because of something they found.

The party also found another man who was willing to talk with them about what he knew of the tomb, if they went northwest and killed a troll for him to recover some lost items. Xandian was quite skeptical of the man’s honesty. Other than the innkeeper and the con man, no one else was willing to discuss the tomb.

At some point in the evening, Hurrin Stormbringer became aware of Ferrus Darkmane’s true identity. Hurrin knew of the story of how Ferrus had killed Samun. Despite efforts by both parties, nothing could stop Hurrin’s rage. The party attempted to thwart Hurrin’s efforts, but nothing seemed to affect him. Hurrin’s rage was not enough to overcome Ferrus, and Ferrus cut him down, but still showed him mercy.

Sindarielle and Ferrus made their way to the Red Stag where they talked with the innkeeper, who provided them with poison to use in their assassination attempt.

Later that night while the party slept, Sindarielle and Ferrus stealthy made their way to Hurrin and Delvin’s room, and killed them in their sleep. Kiara woke to the noise, but was unable to catch the culprits in the act. Sindarielle and Ferrus were able to make it back to their room without waking the others.

The party decided to head out early on the morning of the 15th in search of the sunken caves. They encountered a couple of dire wolves. It is now midday on the 15th of Desnus.

Through the Blackhorn Mountains

The party left the Great Northern Library on the 11th of Desnus, and set out for the pass under the Blackhorn Mountains. When they reached the Blackhorn Mountains they found an abandoned mining camp that hadn’t been used since last year.

After a day and half through the caverns heading east, they encountered a small mining party. The mining party didn’t offer details on their expedition, but the party noticed that they weren’t actually mining anything yet. Eleak Urthandar recognized someone in the mining party. It turned out to be Ando IronLung; someone Eleak knew from his childhood. Ando offered information about what the mining party was doing. Specifically, he told them that he had been retained to swim through underwater caverns mapping them out. He also mentioned something about finding a tomb in the underwater caverns near Dunraven, though he was reluctant to provide specifics. The miners warned the party that the main east-west tunnel had collapsed, and the they would have to head north around the collapsed tunnels in order to get through.

The party continued on without delay, and came upon the northern alternate route. They ventured through the route choosing to pass a couple of different passages. One of the passages appeared to lead to an encampment of troglodytes. They choose to head north, since the passageway lead up. The passage turned back to the east, which led to a flooded room with about three feet of standing water. Here they encountered two water mephits, which they quickly dispatched using color spray. They found a golden statue with ruby eyes in the north end of the flooded room. Temptation was too great for the the rogue, and he plucked the eyes out. A guardian water elemental appeared, and lashed out at the party. The rogue quickly hid, but a couple of others braved the water to fight the elemental before retreating to land. Once on land the party held their ground and fought valiantly to defeat the elemental.

Once the elemental was defeated, Kurden shouldered the statue and carried it out with them. The party decided not to go on top of the ridge where the orcs were, but instead to go around and attempt to sneak across the large battlefield. Arrows rained down on them, and the orcs blocked the underground waterway to force the water levels to rise in the cavern. The party quickly made their way across to the cavern exit on the far side. The climb was difficult due to the weight of the statue and oread fighter. However, after suffering numerous arrows they made into the safety of the cavern, and continued on to Dunraven. The party has now reached Dunraven on evening of the 14th of Desnus.

Ostenhorm Chapterhouse

The characters begin in the employ of the mercenary company known as the Stone Legion. The Stone Legion got their start in the Starikland Rebellion fighting for the Union. In the beginning there were always wars to employ them, now they’ve had to take on other tasks to earn money.

Individually the party members have come from various backgrounds to join the Stone Legion. The party has already been initiated, and they are familiar with the others in the group. The party meet up in the chapterhouse of Ostenhorm, where Captain Brint instructed them on their first mission.

The mission was find a way to stop the raids on merchants along the trail from Ostenhorm to Ustred near the Blackhorn Mountains. The party questioned Carla dan Eidar about information regarding the merchants targeted by the raid before leaving Ostenhorm.

After staging a bogus merchant caravan, six goblins showed up during the early evening with the intent to raid. The party quickly dispatched the raid. During the course of action, the party managed to detain one of the goblins for questioning. After interrogating the captive, the party found out that along with taking live prisoners the goblins were after anything of value, but uncertain of anything specific. They also learned information about the leader of the goblins. The wizard using his knowledge of the planes has determined that it’s quite likely that the goblin raiders are led by a barghest that is feeding on captured merchants from the raid.

Following up on information from the captured goblin, the party has discovered a cave about a mile off the trail in the hills where the goblins appear to be staging their raids from. The party has valiantly killed a total of 15 goblins in their effort, and now stand at the entrance to the cave.

The party began their mission in the morning on the first day of the month of Desnus. It is now the afternoon of the third day of Desnus (see calendar).


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