Reign of the Corrupt

Through the Blackhorn Mountains

The party left the Great Northern Library on the 11th of Desnus, and set out for the pass under the Blackhorn Mountains. When they reached the Blackhorn Mountains they found an abandoned mining camp that hadn’t been used since last year.

After a day and half through the caverns heading east, they encountered a small mining party. The mining party didn’t offer details on their expedition, but the party noticed that they weren’t actually mining anything yet. Eleak Urthandar recognized someone in the mining party. It turned out to be Ando IronLung; someone Eleak knew from his childhood. Ando offered information about what the mining party was doing. Specifically, he told them that he had been retained to swim through underwater caverns mapping them out. He also mentioned something about finding a tomb in the underwater caverns near Dunraven, though he was reluctant to provide specifics. The miners warned the party that the main east-west tunnel had collapsed, and the they would have to head north around the collapsed tunnels in order to get through.

The party continued on without delay, and came upon the northern alternate route. They ventured through the route choosing to pass a couple of different passages. One of the passages appeared to lead to an encampment of troglodytes. They choose to head north, since the passageway lead up. The passage turned back to the east, which led to a flooded room with about three feet of standing water. Here they encountered two water mephits, which they quickly dispatched using color spray. They found a golden statue with ruby eyes in the north end of the flooded room. Temptation was too great for the the rogue, and he plucked the eyes out. A guardian water elemental appeared, and lashed out at the party. The rogue quickly hid, but a couple of others braved the water to fight the elemental before retreating to land. Once on land the party held their ground and fought valiantly to defeat the elemental.

Once the elemental was defeated, Kurden shouldered the statue and carried it out with them. The party decided not to go on top of the ridge where the orcs were, but instead to go around and attempt to sneak across the large battlefield. Arrows rained down on them, and the orcs blocked the underground waterway to force the water levels to rise in the cavern. The party quickly made their way across to the cavern exit on the far side. The climb was difficult due to the weight of the statue and oread fighter. However, after suffering numerous arrows they made into the safety of the cavern, and continued on to Dunraven. The party has now reached Dunraven on evening of the 14th of Desnus.



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