Reign of the Corrupt

Sunken Caves and the Dark Covenant

After three days of searching the party found a cave hidden down in a ravine. South of the ravine, the party encountered a campsite in front of another cave. Sindarielle turned invisible and stealthily maneuvered around the campsite investigating it, while the rest of the party talked with the guards. They discovered that Kiara Rews and Felden have likely acquired a witch and rogue to help them complete their mission, and they have had a day to search the area already.

The party decided to sneak into the cave that night. After awaking the entire camp with a summoned dog, they covered themselves in an obscuring mist and entered the cave right in front of the guards. The guards frightened by what they saw decided not to pursue the strange mist.

Once inside, the party searched the area briefly and found a suitable area to set up camp. They woke early the next morning, and set out to find the tomb. After much searching, they stumbled into a ghoul that was soaking wet. The ghoul was dispatched with much haste, and the party made their way back to the underground stream. Once at the underground stream, they carefully investigated it by send a tethered party member up and down the stream until they encountered a couple of ghouls and tight passageway through some broken up debris. The party cleverly lured the ghouls out of the water in order to avoid a dangerous fight underwater.

The party then made their way through the underground stream and climbed up the debris into a large man-made cavern. In one direction, there was a passage that was completely blocked by rubble that likely led out of the mountains at one point. In the other direction, the cavern was about 60 feet wide and continued for 100 feet before they found an opening in cavern wall that was destroyed by the earthquake. Through the opening was a temple that appears to be currently used by the Dark Covenant, particularly those that worship Glustrod. This was particularly evident when they encountered a shrine with a statue of Glustrod himself. Laid at his feet were gifts of gold, jewelry, gems, magical items, and symbols made of living tissue. Eleak recognized the eerie figure depicted upon the ceiling. The party thought it best to leave the treasure laid by the followers of Glustrod. Perhaps they too harbor longings to honor Glustrod?

The party came upon a small room that looked to be in use by a priest of the Dark Covenant. A strange medallion was uncovered, but its origins were not known to the couple of members that looked at it. The party left it behind. After destroying the contents of the storeroom, the party encountered a couple of unusual black skeletons. A brief encounter ensued and the party seized control of a torture chamber with small individual cells. Three of the cells were occupied with orcs. The orcs looked like the same species of orc encountered earlier when traversing the passage through the Blackhorn Mountains. The orcs mentioned that humanoids in gray robes had captured them and brought them here.

It is now roughly early afternoon on the 19th day of Desnus.



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