Reign of the Corrupt

Clearing out the Temple

After a day of working on removing the rubble from the entrance to the tomb, the party opted to go back to the temple. When sleeping for the evening, they were woken to someone tapping holes in the door to the tomb. Kiara and Felden’s party were looking to enter the tomb, and decided to head over to the temple after seeing the work on the blocked entrance and talking with the party members.

The next morning, the party headed over to the temple and went directly downstairs. There they encountered sorcerers and demon minions from the covenant. The party worked their way up corridor and were able to defeat them after cornering the last sorcerer in the back room. After that they searched the side room and found 10 putrefying corpses. They were undergoing a ritual to become black skeletons. After much debate, Eleak Urthandar valiantly torched the coffins. One party member was blinded from the fight, so they decided to use a mount scroll and head to town for a cure and supplies. After that, they continued into the puzzle room they discovered a couple days before. There they toyed around with the switches and summoned demons before discovering the appropriate order, which ultimately summoned a babau demon. As a result of solving the puzzle, the cold iron double doors are open.

It is now evening on the 21st day.



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