Midderland lies at the center of the Varinthia. This region is responsible for most of the trade in the world and as such are host to the richest inhabitants in the world. Midderland is under control of the Union. It is home to the capital city of the Union, Adua. The king rules from his royal court in a palace known as the Agriont.

In the southern Elder Ridge Mountains live the Elderan Dwarves. The Elderan Dwarves have lived in these mountains for thousands of years. During the War of the Maker, the king of the Elderan Dwarves sided with Kanedias. The king sent his cousin Torveg Darkhammer with an army of dwarves south towards Gurkhal to join Kanedias. By this time Khalul had retreated from the Old Empire to Gurkhal. Once Torveg reached Gurkhal, Khalul convinced him that he was wrong to fight for Kanedias. Torveg decided to change sides. The dwarven king was horrified of the news, and forbade Torveg from returning to the Elder Mountains. Following the advice of Khalul, Torveg built fortifications in the southern Estvod Mountains. Torveg and his dwarven army were the beginning of the evil duergar that now inhabit Estvod Mountains.

The Thetford forest lies at the western edge of Midderland, and is comprised mostly of oak trees. It is home to many wood elves. The western side of the forest is often avoided; it is said that undead the land, east of the Bay of Sorrow.

The Black Forest surrounds the eastern edge of the Elder Ridge Mountains. It is named the Black Forest because it is so dense. There are many small streams that cut their way through the thick pines and firs.

Skarling’s Pass splits the Golni Forest and the Black Forest. It is the only road or trail that leads through the region to Carleon. During times of war, it becomes a strategic choke point. A day’s ride north of Osgard along Skarling’s pass, one will find a large stone columns that rise out of the ground. These are known as the Heroes, in honor of many famous warriors from the North.

The Golni Forest is the largest forest in Varinthia. It is inhabited by many dangerous creatures, and therefore does not contain too many villages other than those on the outskirts of the forest. The Great Northern Library is nestled in on the eastern side of the forest. According to legend, during the last war with the North, the Union sent an entire company through the forest to come around the behind the northerners blockading Skarling’s Pass at the Heroes. It is said that not even a single soldier ever made it to Skarling’s Pass.

The most common languages spoken in the Midderland are Common, Elven, Dwarven, and Halfling.


Adua is the capitol of the Union, the largest city in Midderland, and the richest city in Varinthia. There are a number of notable locations in Adua:

Agriont – The royal palace for the king of the Union. A majestic building that lies at the center of the city on small island within Lake Adua. In order to get to the Agriont, you must travel across the 150-foot bridge. The only boats allowed in Lake Adua are those belonging to the king.

Garden of Honor – The Garden of Honor is a beautiful garden maintained by the city that is home to numerous statues that honor notable citizens of the past.

House of the Maker – The House of the Maker is a tower built by Kanedias.


A small town nestled against the Doonic River just south of the Elder Ridge Mountains. Many dwarves who live in the mountains trade with Ancanus, and thus many who live in Ancanus are dwarves.


Dagoska boasts the largest population of any city in Varinthia. It was recently considered part of Gurkhal, however it was taken over by the Union about fifty years ago. Most of its inhabitants were slaves when the Union seized the city. They were subsequently freed, and now live in extreme poverty. The town is a large melting pot of cultures, with numerous races living in the city. Crime within the city is rampant, and many of the city’s guard are will not even venture into certain districts. The Union has installed a governor of the city, but his actual control over the city is unclear. According to most accounts there is no true government in Dagoska.


Dunbrec is hidden away in the forest flanked on the east and west by the Blackhorn Mountains.


Keln is the largest seaport in Varinthia. It has major roads leading east to Adua, and south to Rostod.


Ostenhorm lies just south of the Golni Forest, and west of the Blackhorn Mountains. Once considered part of the North, Ostenhorm is now controlled by the Union. Though the Union controls Ostenhorm, many of its inhabitants still consider themselves from the North. Many of the customs of Ostenhorm are much like that of the rest of the North.

The main industry in Ostenhorm is a vital component to the productive mining operations along the western side of the Blackhorn Mountains, and the lumber production. Most in Ostenhorm are foresters, miners, and smiths.

The climate in Ostenhorm is generally more mild than the rest of the North. Though it stills snows in the winter.

The languages most commonly heard in Ostenhorm are Common, Dwarven, and Elven.


Suljuk rests at the eastern edge of the main continent. It is basically a stronghold, to protect against trouble from Kanta, chase away pirates from Rattan Bay, and protect the King’s road leading west into Adua. Suljuk maintains the only major military training facility left in the Union.

Suljuk enjoys moderate temperatures throughout the year, with powerful storms coming in from Rattan Bay during the summer months.


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