Hurrin Stormbringer

Dead, murdered in Dunraven


Hurrin Strombringer is the brother of Guntar Stormbringer, and thus Samun Stormbringer’s uncle. Several years ago, he helped Bethod secure land in the west by Black Wejj when he fought with his forces against Ik-Phail Crummock, and his Stone Hill barbarians. After Bethod secured the throne and claimed himself Protector of the North, Hurrin joined the Stone Legion in Osgard. He now runs with Felden Craw’s crew.

Recently, his crew accepted a job that led them to Dunraven where he ran into Ferrus Blackmane. Even though Hurrin was away at the time, he had heard of how Ferrus had killed Samun. Hurrin lost a duel with Ferrus.

Hurrin Stormbringer

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