Captain Brint

Stalwart Captain of the Stone Legion, Ostenhorm Chapterhouse.


Captain Brint is a human of medium build. He has brown hair with shades of gray, and a goatee.


Captain Brint is the head of the Ostenhorm chapterhouse of the Stone Legion. He has been a Legion member for about two decades. He is respected among his colleagues as a stalwart leader and prudent tactician. He is even-tempered and often considered kind, however his intolerance for insubordination is legendary. It is rumored he once beat a fellow mercenary to near death for failing to meet him as his back up on a mission. While he excels in dealing with the patrons of the Stone Legion, his sense for the financial aspects is lacking. He often accepts less than a job is worth, which has made it difficult for him to retain talented mercenaries at his chapterhouse.

Captain Brint

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